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About us

Mobile Auto Locksmith located in Byfleet, covering Surrey. programming car keys. Car key cutting and programming. Keys cut to code, car key replacement. Spare keys, Diagnostics, ECU cloning, instrument cluster replacements, IMMO Data transfer

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BMW FEM/BDC Module Cloning

Module Programming

Ecu cloning

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a car key cost?

Car key costs depend on each vehicle, they are different prices, to find a price get in touch.

My car isn’t starting is it the key?

To determine wether the key is the issue there some clues that can help identify if the key is the culprit, in most vehicles the IMMO light will blink repeatedly, car starts but cut off after 2 seconds, key battery it’s not necessary for the key to enable engine start.

Does my key need a new battery?

If the key isn’t operating the central locking system, it’s likely that it needs a new battery, An LED it’s not always an indication that battery it’s ok, as the battery needs over 3v to operate, if low it can still show a light. Best Another indication of low battery is slow response when operating the remote or having to stand near the vehicle for it to work. Best to change the battery if in doubt.

Immobiliser light is flashing! What’s wrong?

Most of the time the key is at fault in these situations, but it could also be the coil ring that seats on the key barrel, Ford vehicles are known for ignition coil to fail, Best to call an Auto locksmith to diagnose the fault.

My key won’t turn the ignition barrel! why?

Most of the time the barrel wears down inside and the key blade cut depths do not move the wafers into the correct position causing it to keep it in one position. But there are instances where the key blade has worn down thin, and causing this symptom.

My key broke can it be fixed?

Most of the time YES, unless the circuit board has been damaged inside the case by physical damage or water ingress.

How long is the Warranty on the new keys?

1 Year, But we offer 2 years free of charge all our keys. So keep the receipt and as long as there’s no physical damage we can replace them within the 2 year period.